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The Red Latte

Have you tried the Red Latte yet?

Well, have you? A really exciting, Colorado first is now available at Wesley Owens!

In the Summer of 2013, Seth brought us a really exciting opportunity to introduce a brand new drink...not just a new flavor but something completely different.

Long popular in South Africa, and fast becoming a top seller all around the world, red bush, or red tea (rooibos pronounced Roy Boss) is a distinctive, delicious tea, or more correctly, herbal tisane. Traditionally, it is brewed in loose leaf or in a tea bag...that is until the red espresso company in South Africa developed something new, unique and very, very special.

Imported directly from South Africa, where it grows exclusively, wild on the Cedarburg Mountains of the Cape, red espresso is actually prepared by pulling it, as a shot, through the espresso machine! Forming a beautiful 2 oz shot, complete with its own crema, we then steam milk and add local Colorado Springs honey, and cinnamon to create the most wonderful, naturally caffeine free, café culture latte! Amazing!

Red espresso has five times the anti-oxidants of green tea and is heart, digestion and mind friendly, it is also a natural immune system booster. Safe enough to let your kids enjoy it with you, it is perfect for coffee dates with the kids, ideal if you are avoiding caffeine due to health or medical contra-indications and expectant and breast feeding moms can also enjoy it, worry free!

Available as a 12oz regular or the slightly sweeter, Wesley's version, ask your barista for one the next time you pop by!